Are you a business owner? Do you struggle with office efficiency and delegation? Are you striving to improve your communication with the team both internally and to the customers? Do you want to stand out from your competitors in a way that will really make your customer service shine? The answers to these problems is color.

Let's Get Personal, Personality Training for Business

Understand yourself and others in a way that allows you to make deeper connections sooner, meet the unique needs of your clients, and have an efficient team that can communicate effectively both internally and externally.



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Experience a 90-second glimpse into seeing in full color!

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Vickie Musni, Certified Personality Trainer

  • 20 year business owner & 10 year personality expert
  • Spoken/trained internationally and across the United States
  • Author of three books, "Personalities for Business," "Personalities for Educators," and "Creating Connections"
  • Allied Member of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association

Take the Online Personality Quiz

Color squares that represent each of the four personality types

4 Personality Types

Yellows | loud, open, and cluttered

Reds | high energy, bold hand gestures, and practical & efficient

Greens | cool, calm & collected, and all about comfort.

Blues | quiet, closed, and neat & tidy


This 5-minute quiz will give you an understanding of your natural characteristics. Most people have a primary and a secondary (or an even split) of two personalities that touch each other on the chart.

"I have seen many of the common problems in my own and other businesses that I’ve worked with. I care about people. I want to retain current clients and attract new ones, while building true relationships.  My presentations and books are designed to help other business owners do the same."

- Vickie Musni, Certified Personality Trainer

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Vickie's engaging and interactive training style is guaranteed to provide memorable, meaningful and money-making tools for the attendees at your next event. Choose a 1-hour keynote, a half day or a full day workshop.


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Seeing the World in Color

Increase Sales and Improve
Business Relationships

1-Hour Keynote

Power of Personalities

Serve Better, Earn More
Interactive Training Session

Half Day or Full Day Workshop

RISE Above the Noise

How to Create Marketing Pieces that Attract Your Ideal Client

1-Hour Keynote

"Vickie successfully merges her life experiences and years of personality studies into an informative, comprehensive and interactive presentation."

- Phil Eckersley, New South Wales, Australia

"Personalities for Business has helped increase my sales!"

- Mary and Tony, Youngstown, Ohio

"I’m really looking forward to having better conversations with those I speak with as a result of this seminar."

- Dave Ternier, Manitoba, Canada

"WOW! That is all I can say about Personalities for Business, I not only learned about my personality, but most importantly how to relate to others at their level."

- John Price, Marysville, Kansas

"Vickie's book and training are a MUST for all business professionals."

- Scott Faver, The Game Master, Owner of The Party Favers, Arizona

Remain in Black and White

  • Status quo
  • Nothing changes
  • Same ol’ same ol’
  • No real growth or progress
  • Trouble connecting with some clients
  • Lost sales due to lack of connection

Live in Full Color

  • Learn to see “in color”
  • Connect sooner, serve better, and earn more
  • Gain mutual understanding
  • Create common vocabulary for discussing people, situations and reactions
  • Give more personalized communication
  • Have better understanding of individual client needs

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