Yellow Personalities

Yellows are what I classify as People-oriented extroverts. Extroversion means that we get our energy from being around other people, but not all extroverts are “people” people. Yellows tend to be good at striking up a conversation with anyone they meet. They love to share stories, tell jokes, make people laugh, and generally enjoy being the center of attention. They have a fun energy about them and are often good at recruiting and getting people excited about something. Yellows have a built-in need for fun and attention.


As with all personalities, many of these great natural strengths can become weaknesses if taken to the extreme. Being able to talk with anyone can become talking too much, over-sharing, or dominating the conversation. Being excited about new things is great, unless you get distracted by the “next” new thing and don’t follow through on previous commitments.

Remember, there are as many different Yellow personalities as there are shades of yellow so not every Yellow is exactly like the next one. But there are certain qualities that help us identify a Yellow as a Yellow. Embrace your unique Yellowness, while making an effort to focus on embracing your strengths and working to minimize weaknesses.


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