This week I had a chance to take a break from my “usual” seminars and go back to my speaking roots. The Mothers of Preschoolers group at Grace Church Reno asked me to talk to the young moms there about creative ways to feed a family while decreasing stress and increasing opportunities for conversation and connection.

Knowing that MOPS International always has a theme, I inquired and was told that this year’s theme is “Fierce Flourishing” and the central idea is to grow ourselves and our family in fierce ways, without reservation.


Thank you. Without Reservations is the perfect title for a talk about meal planning, cooking, and enjoying time around the family dinner table. In addition to sharing some tips for planning ahead, utilizing your freezer, and starting quality conversations with the people around the table, I also shared my “story” about cooking.


The fact that I speak on cooking is as humorous to me as the fact that I ended up working my way through college as a math tutor. (I love math almost as much as I love cooking, if you couldn’t guess.) But maybe that’s why I love sharing what I’m learned. I can be real about the struggles I’ve faced in this area in the different stages of life. (I’ve got from having picky preschoolers to a daughter who just started culinary school who critiques my meals…) But that sets me up to be real about the things I’ve learned along the way and hopefully that is an encouragement to others facing those struggles now. There is hope! After all, none of my children have died of starvation…or food poisoning.

How about you? Is there something in life or business that you “hate” that you’ve learned to do pretty well? How did you get there? What has the process taught you? What can you share with the rest of us who may be dealing with a similar issue?

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