To some people, I am sure I appeared scattered. Many probably wonder how – and why – I juggle owning and operating three seemingly unrelated businesses. But there is a common thread in all that I do – it’s connections. I love people and personalities. So I am naturally drawn to things that connect people. Weddings. Trivia nights. Seminars, workshops and conferences. I love events that bring people together.

passion is callingIt isn’t random. These are the things that “call” to me. And this week has been incredible.

Sunday, we taught a workshop for engaged couples who needed help planning the timeline of all the events of their wedding weekend. It was a great way to really connect with some couples in a more intimate setting than the bridal show where we first met many of them.

Tuesday we had a staff meeting with our DJ Trivia employees. It was so fun some of the guys stayed more than an hour after the meeting was over to hang out and play ping pong. Not only do I get to run a business that gives friends a family an opportunity to do something fun together – playing team based trivia – but we get to build connections with local businesses, and a great team of employees.

Wednesday morning, I had my monthly meeting for the wedding association we belong to. And they asked me to be the speaker. Double fun – connecting with colleagues AND having a chance to share some things that I’ve been learning recently. Yesterday I also attended a chamber seminar at lunch and another networking group’s eventing event. Good thing I’m a Yellow/Red and get energized by people!

Today may have been the highlight of the week (at least so far). I was the featured speaker at the Carson City chapter of PSN – Professional Saleswomen of Nevada. What a fabulous group of people! Their president was already a fan and had read my book so that probably helped raise the excitement level, but people were so excited to learn about personalities that they were buying books and merchandise BEFORE I even started speaking. And they were super engaged during the presentation, many stayed around after to chat. So much fun.

Tomorrow, we are DJing a Valentine dance. More connections. More celebration of relationships and love. That could end  up being the highlight of the week.

Or it could be Saturday…our “day of rest” this week. Saturday I will be spending Valentine’s Day with the ones I love most – my husband and our four children.

I am so grateful that I have found ways to respond to the passion in my heart and follow my calling….or callings, as the case may be.

What are you passionate about? How is that evident in  your calling? Please share in the comment section!


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