There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different personality programs. (There are thousands if you count those social media “which princess are you?” tests too…which I don’t.) So why do I think Wired that Way is the best personality test?

Wired that Way personality test

Why do I think Wired That Way is the best personality test?

  • The assessment is short enough to not be overwhelming, but long enough to provide a lot of information.
  • While there is a test available, the program teaches you how to identify personalities WITHOUT a test. This is actually much more practical in most settings. (Can you imagine going to a difficult customer and asking them to take a 40 question personality test so you can understand them better?!)
  • The unique emphasis on core needs sets this system apart. It helps to be others-focused and learn to listen and serve better.
  • The personality colors are easy to learn and remember. This makes it possible to spend more time APPLYING the information that trying to learn the details or memorize a bunch of acronyms.
  • This program is easily applied to both business and personal situations. So many times in a workshop with business professionals I also receive comments like, “Now I understand my spouse better!”

I know that a lot of people just love taking personality tests. But one of my favorite things about teaching this system is that I can help people understand themselves and others better without the test. However, if you haven’t taken the full Wired that Way assessment and would like to, here are two options for you. You can purchase a physical copy and receive an 8 page booklet. Or, you can take it immediately by purchasing online access.

Keep in mind that the best personality test also needs to have the best information entered. It’s important to answer each question accurately and honestly…not how you wish you were. For more tips on getting the best personality test results read this article.