Q: If you are teaching a workshop how do you reach all the learning personalities at once? If someone is an opposite personality then me how do I make something clear?

A: I love the way these questions are worded. Understanding that a typical audience will be made up of some combination of all four personality types is key to preparing an effective presentation. And, understanding that you are only able to control yourself is equally important. When I speak I try to use a variety of techniques throughout the presentation. Sometimes I provide fill in the blank style notes on one side of the handout with all the answers filled in on the other and joke about which personalities like taking notes and which ones don’t. I intentionally incorporate audience participation…but not but in a way that doesn’t put people on the spot.

Some people like lots of pictures. Some people need stories. Some people just want facts. As a speaker, you have to include something for everyone. The more different ways you can explain something, the more people will “get” what you are trying to say. My presentations are highly visual and I tell lots of stories. I also provide handouts, practical examples, sample verbiage, ask questions for discussion, and have people answer questions with a partner or small group. Different techniques will resonate with different people so employing a variety of techniques will create more memorable moments for the different personalities in your audience.

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