Q: Is there a personality type that is more likely to respond to an ad in social media? Is there a type that prefers more traditional advertising like print, radio and TV?

A: The short answer is, it will really depend on the ad itself and the “language” that is “spoken” in the advertisement. There are certain key words that will tend to attract certain personalities. Consider for example a call to action like “Click here for your chance to win XYZ” versus “Click here for more information.” The former will tend to appeal to Yellows looking for excitement whereas the former will tend to appeal to Blues who are researching and looking for facts.

In general, there are more Yellows actively engaging on social media, but that doesn’t mean the others aren’t there. There are also other factors at play besides personality type that are very individual, like where a person works. Is the radio on in the background all the time? Do they read magazines in the break room? Personal entertainment habits also vary greatly so some people are exposed to a broader variety of media advertisements that may or may not correlate to personality type. My experience tells me that to a degree, all 4 types are represented in every type of audience. So, as a speaker, entertainer, or advertiser, different approaches will attract different personalities. Are you wanting to attract more Yellows? Emphasize fun. And provide an opportunity for them to respond right now. Do you want to attract more Blues? Make details and information readily available, but allow them time to process. Looking for Reds? Create ads that are high energy and result oriented. Greens? Offer solutions. Make things simple.

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