Q: Does your type change as you age?

A: I love this question! The goal in “growing up” is not necessarily to change your personality. A better statement would be that the goal is to learn to live more in your personality’s strengths, and minimize the weaknesses. Also, as we mature, we also learn skills that may not be natural to us. For example, just because I have learned to keep track of files and contracts, does not mean I have turned into a Blue. And just because I do have days where I feel exhausted and want to take a break and watch old movies in bed, does not mean that I’m now Green instead of Red. My basic personality has not changed. But all of us can step out of the “box” and act a certain way for a while.

This particular topic always makes me think of my grandmother. She was an amazing lady. She was in her late 80’s by the time I began studying personalities and when I think about her I honestly can’t tell you which type she was. She was the epitome of someone who lived out the strengths of all four types and I am not sure how to assess which traits were “natural” to her personality and which traits were “learned” along the way. But, I can say this….i want to be like her when I grow up.

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