Q: How do you interpret signs that a client might be 50/50 of two different colors? How can you determine which color is dominant?

A:  You can try to guess at percentages, but it isn’t really necessary. Picture the four quadrants in your mind. Are they mostly extroverted (Top half – Yellow & Red) or mostly introverted (Lower half – Green & Blue)? Or do they seem more people oriented (Left side – Yellow and Green) or task oriented (Right side – Red and Blue)? Steer the conversation in the general direction that seems to fit them.

Learning to decipher personality clues is part science and part art. You don’t need a “magic formula” or even a set script to connect with different people. You simply need to train yourself to listen to what matters to each individual you are trying to connect with. Once you really hear what matters to them, follow their lead. With practice, you’ll be able to do this naturally, and effectively.

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