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Marketing & Sales Online Training for Your Wedding Business

What will you get out of this course?

A new way of seeing people that will stick with you forever. Enjoy this easy to learn, easy to apply personality system that doesn’t require you to learn any new lingo. Each personality type is represented by a color…with an association that makes it easy to understand and easy to remember.  

A new way of looking at your marketing.  Learn not only to identify your ideal client but understand how each different personality will respond to your marketing. Think DIFFERENTLY about the photos you choose, the social media posts you share, the words on your website and the layout of your business cards.   

Techniques to approach sales meetings READY to connect. The sooner you can find out what someone is really looking for, the sooner you can meet that need. Understanding personalities gives you the tools to understand what their biggest need is, and provide solutions to their biggest concerns. Gain the skillset, so you can spend your time in your sales meeting totally focused on your customer and meeting their needs.  

A course you can do on YOUR schedule.  Online learning is for YOUR convenience. Work through the program as slowly or as quickly as you want. Watch and re-watch videos as you want. “Work” wherever and whenever you want. Squeeze in modules on the go using your phone, or during office hours when you are at your desktop.  

Small videos, BIG value. Every module is broken down into 5 short videos. The course is for business owners, so I know that you are already busy. Watch a 5 or 10-minute video in between appointments or while you wait to pick up a child from school or practice.  

  Printable Guides for each module. Download the guide for each lesson and find questions that challenge you to go deeper and really start applying the concepts in each lesson. These documents are perfect for cementing action items into your mind and your business model.  

A targeted marketing approach and increased bookings.Work the course, and the course will work. As you take the time to work through each lesson of each module, you will be challenged to think differently. Want different results than you’ve been getting? It’s time to do something DIFFERENT.

Learn how to marketing and grow your wedding business! In this class, you will learn:

  • Ways to look at marketing and sales from a whole new angle, and in full COLOR!
  • How understanding people should be at the core of how you make decisions and operate your business, since you always do business with people.
  • To identify and understand your personality and how personality types play into the marketing and sales conversations that you have.
  • Ways to reach more ideal clients.
  • How to more meaningful conversations.
  • Strategies to book more events and earn more referrals.

People absolutely love it…

“I would highly recommend Vickie's program for those who want to understand exactly how to communicate with every client and especially how to attract the specific clients that you want to work with!”

— Michael Thoma, Ranson, West Virginia

“I took Vickie's Marketing and Sales for your Wedding Business course. I am able to identify and adapt much more quickly now, where even a split second can mean the difference while trying to make a sale.”

— Gene Neri, Chicago, Illinois

“Wow! Take the course and have a tool to make changes that build your business and help with customer (and employee) interactions. It's a really great course and totally worth it!”

— Sean Pasin, San Jose, California

Here’s what you’ll get…

7-modules broken into bite sized, short videos, simple pdfs and action items that you can put into pratice immediately!

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See the first two modules our 7-part series for free!

  • Identifying personalities
  • Looking at marketing in full color!
  • Includes first 2-modules
  • PDFs
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7-Course Wedding Business Marketing Class


Get full access to all 7-modules about how to improve marketing and increase sales for your wedding business!

  • Includes 7 online modules
  • Learn to identify personality traits
  • Upgrade your marketing tools
  • Make small changes that yield big results to connect with ideal clients
  • Uplevel your the first point of contact
  • Set your self up for success with sales meeting
  • Close more sales
  • PDFs to go with each class
  • Invitation to private Facebook group
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