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“Vickie's program taught me a new mindset when talking to clients. It was presented in a manner that was digestible and easy to implement immediately. Every segment built upon the next one with insight that provided so many useful ideas for my business. I would highly recommend Vickie's program for those who want to understand exactly how to communicate with every client and especially how to attract the specific clients that you want to work with!”

— Michael Thoma, Ranson, West Virginia

“I took Vickie's Marketing and Sales for your Wedding Business course. I gotta say this has helped me quite a bit. My ability to identify certain personality types due to the program has made my interactions at bridals shows and in private consults far more successful. I am able to identify and adapt much more quickly in those settings now, where even a split second can mean the difference while trying to make a sale..”

— Gene Neri, Chicago, Illinois

“Wow! I took Vickie's Marketing & Sales for Your Wedding Business course and it totally changed the way I approached my website, social media posts/page and email correspondence interactions. The course was very straightforward and when I saw something I needed to change Vickie's insight in the course helped make changes manageable and achievable. Take the course and have a tool to make changes that build your business and help with customer (and employee) interactions. It's a really great course and totally worth it!”

— Sean Pasin, San Jose, California