It is always nice to be invited to speak at a national show or conference. But it feels really good to be invited  back a second time. Last May, I spoke at the Canadian Disc Jockey Show in Calgary, Alberta. Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of giving two seminars at the show in Toronto.

It was fun to see friends that I met last year in Calgary and at other conferences over the years, but half the fun for me is meeting new people. And while I love meeting new people (like the two I blogged about last week) and visiting new places, connecting with the audience – before, during & after the seminar – will probably always be my favorite part.

This year I presented my “Speaking Her Language” seminar on the first day and then the following day I did “Making Networking Work.” The vast majority of the people in attendance were there for both and it felt great to have more time to discuss and go a little deeper into how understanding personalities can be an asset in all areas of business.

I love asking questions, leading discussions and involving the audience when I present. The Yellow side of me really enjoys the nodding heads, and the times when I can see people experience the “lightbulb” go on for someone when a certain situation finally makes sense when viewed through the lens of personalities. But the Red side of me wants to know that the people came learned something that matters in their lives and businesses. I need to know that it was time well spent for them and they left with things they could really apply. That’s why I love seeing testimonials like this.

For me, the biggest surprise at the Mobile Beat show in Las Vegas, and again at the CDJ show in Toronto, was Vickie Musni. I’d come specifically looking for help with marketing, and never expected to find something as readily applicable, easily applied and instantly beneficial as her “Personalities for Business” book and seminar! As Oprah used to say, it was literally one of those “Aha! moments.” I now understood why I’d often hit it off with some of my clients, our meetings running into hours (and not noticing it), while others seemed a bit uncomfortable, brief and just felt “off.” Not only can I see this helping my business, but how I relate to family and friends as well! Simply put, Vickie’s concepts will make you a better overall person. Stu Chisholm, Roseville, Michigan 

Can’t wait for my next trip to Canada! (Workshop in Winnipeg on May 26th!)

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