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Did you hear me? Do you know what I mean? Slow down, not so loud, get to the point, I need more details, I don’t want to be the center of attention, just make it fun…

What you say and how you say it, when to talk and when to listen, can all lead to better communication between you and your clients. And ultimately result in more sales.

Vickie Musni brings color clarity to the conversation. She is a dynamic, talented, and energetic speaker offering an easy way to understand personalities, with just 4 colors – Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green.

Vickie offers simple catch words and phrases for you to recognize the color personality style, you Vickie WCSDare working with, which in turn helps you to act, reply, and respond appropriately to connect with your client.

Her book and training are a MUST for all business professionals.

Scott Faver, The Game Master, Owner of The Party Favers, Arizona


Vickie has written an outstandingly helpful book. As someone who has read a lot of books about sales, Vickie writes clearly with “real world” advice you can put into practice instantly. Highly recommended reading Personalities for Business.
~Jim Cerone, Indianapolis, Indiana

Vickie has a great approach to communicating real life examples and principles towards improving business relationships. The soft skills of customer relationships, networking, and sales are often overlooked in most organizations. Personalities for Business outlines the identification of the four temperaments and the application of that understanding in a format that I will be sharing with all the associates within my team.
~Robert Michels, Ontario Canada


Having an understanding of why and how I am is very cool. To have the understanding of other personalities and how they think is powerful. Thank you!
~Darryl Elkins, Coos Bay, Oregon


I attended Vickie’s Personalities & Sales seminar at a regional education conference and was really blown away. I always knew there was a common denominator among my clients, and what types of clients and personalities I resonated well with, but Vickie was able to help articulate those characteristics, and helped me to spot those matches even sooner. Even more importantly, she provided some helpful tips and tools to not only help identify, but help tailor communications and marketing to those personality types that don’t come so naturally. Informative, insightful, and FUN! I highly recommend Vickie’s materials and seminars.
~Justin Prahar, Roseville, California


After reading Vickie’s book I learned how to easily identify the four personality types and learned to speak specifically to each type. I put this into practice during my last few consultations and it worked great. Customers even commented how they felt comfortable with me and purchased my services. Personalities for Business has helped increase my sales! I highly recommend this book for anyone; it’s not just for business owners!
~Mary and Tony, Youngstown Ohio


Vickie is a wonderful and captivating speaker. Everyone enjoyed her upbeat presentation. We all learned a lot and had fun doing it. I learn something new every time I see her and can’t wait to see her present again.
~Debbie McKenzie, Oxnard, California

Vickie Musni’s presentation “Personalities & Sales” was incredibly insightful. Vickie’s insight into the 4 basic personality types and how to use that information to better communicate with prospective clients was spot on. I’m really looking forward to having better conversations with those I speak with as a result of this seminar. Of course this won’t only help when dialoguing with clients but also colleagues, friends, family, and yes…even my wife!
~Dave Ternier, Manitoba, Canada


WOW! That is all I can say about Personalities for Business, I not only learned about me and my wife’s personalities but most importantly how to relate to others at their “level.” I can’t wait to utilize what I have learned and will be reading this book on a regular basis. Thank you, Vickie Musni.
~John Price, Marysville, Kansas


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