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Q&A: Does personality change with age?

Thank you to Tony Winyard from London (UK, not Ontario, Canada) for asking this question on facebook! The short answer is people often (usually…hopefully?) change with age but generally speaking, their personalities stay basically the same. Ideally, however, as people mature two things happen. The first is that people who truly grow up as they…

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Let's Get Personal: Dirty Dishes

The response to last week’s “dirty laundry” post was great, so I thought I’d share some more dirt this week. Today’s topic: dirty dishes. As I mentioned last week, I am a strong Red. (Is there any other kind?) If you would like a definitive answer on the dishwasher issue, the answer is YES. There…

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Let's Get Personal: Dirty Laundry

Most of my posts are related to personalities in various business settings. Over the holidays I posted a few things about dealing with extended family and things like that, but I think for the next month or so I am going to get really personal.  Today’s topic….dirty laundry. As long as I can remember, being in…

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