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Connecting with an Audience

I love attending conferences, seminars, workshops and classes. I am a life long learner who has done things like audit 5 semesters of Greek…for fun. But do you know what I love possibly even more than learning great content from the events I attend? Learning from the presenters. I learn something from every single seminar or…

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Creating Connections!!!

Even though I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to, I have  been writing. I am so pleased to announce that I have a new book out…one that I wrote with my business partner and podcast co-host, Mitch Taylor. Creating Connections, 31 Days to Building Stronger & Deeper Relationships is just what it…

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4th Annual Weddings of the West "Time for Business" Conference

The Weddings of the West spring conference is my favorite local event that I host each year, and this week’s conference really raised the bar! Scott Faver, The Game Master, captivated the audience from the moment he skated through the door. Jaws dropped as he skated around the room and called EVERY person by name – all…

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Introducing the Creating Connections Podcast!

My good friend Mitch Taylor and I have started a podcast about Creating Connections with Clients and Colleagues. Mitch Taylor is an 18 year veteran of the Mobile Disc Jockey Industry, nationally known speaker and sales expert, and recently earned his certification as a Gitomer Certified Advisor from America’s #1 Authority on Sales Jeffrey Gitomer.  Mitch has…

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