I surprised my family last night with a new puppy. This was quite a surprise as I have never been a “dog person” or even a fan of pets in general. We’ve had fish and turtles, and after much pleading a persuasive essay my daughter did get a guinea pig this past summer. My kids were all excited, and my husband seemed okay with it too, but the reactions from my kids really had me laughing. Everyone’s response was reflective of their different personalities. It was awesome:
Noah (6): Now we have something else to be excited about besides video games!
Max (7): (at bedtime prayers) Dear God, Thank you for Evie. Please help her to get used to us quickly and to decide she really likes it here.
Annie (11): She gets to sleep in my bed, right?
Joshua (12): Now can we get one of those ceramic dog poop things that you hide your spare key in?
Craig: Cute…did you write a check for her?

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