Every personality type has some natural weaknesses. (Yes, EVERY one.) We need to be mature enough to be honest with ourselves about the areas in our lives that can be or have become weaknesses. strengthsandweaknesses

Hopefully, you have enough self-awareness to zero in on these areas, but if you are having trouble, find someone who you really trust and have them go over the list of common weaknesses for your color(s) with you. If they have lived with you or worked with you, and are honest with you, chances are good they will be able to show you some areas where you could grow.

Often our weaknesses are a result of strengths that are carried to the extreme and then become weaknesses. For example, in Yellows being able to talk easily and tell stories can turn into dominating conversations and not paying attention to other people. The Red’s natural leadership abilities when not kept in check can become bossy, argumentative and confrontational. Blues are known for their attention to detail, but perfectionism taken too far can mean being hard to please and critical of others and their efforts. The cool, calm, collected nature of the Green personality can lead to indecisiveness and/or laziness if it goes too far.

The first step is recognizing the weaknesses and admitting that you need to make some changes. Sometimes being aware is enough to lead people (people who truly want to grow, mature, and improve) to make some changes like listening better and looking at conversations and situations from the other person’s perspective. weakness

But sometimes, minimizing your weaknesses means taking some action to improve skills in areas that don’t come naturally. For example, as an extrovert, there are certain things I’m good at…and other things that are really hard for me. I love to talk. Speaking and teaching come easy for me; working alone – and writing – that is much harder. When I was starting to write my first book, I was struggling to organize my thoughts and get them written down. I knew I need to work on those areas, so I took a writing class at a community college. I learn best with other people around, and that class helped me work on the organizational skills and technical skills that I needed.

Other people may be the opposite. Perhaps you are great with outlines and spreadsheets and enjoy working on your own, but your challenge is sharing your ideas with other people. Recognize and work on the areas where you struggle. Take a public speaking or interpersonal communication class. Maybe you aren’t very technical or current in certain areas – register for a class on Social Media or for a specific program like Power Point or PhotoShop.

Whether you are trying to impress a current boss, show potential employers that you are committed to working hard, or are trying to improve your own business or personal life, start challenging yourself by developing new skills. Maximizing your strengths may be more fun, but working to minimize weaknesses is also important because fixing these flaws will make you better and stronger in all areas.

img_20150827_155731537If you want some practical help in working on weaknesses, make sure you take the Wired That Way assessment and purchase the color specific Personalities for Business Workbook.

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