Perhaps the single biggest advantage in learning about personality types is being able to understand your own natural strengths and weaknesses. strengthsandweaknessesThere is no one “best” personality type. The purpose of what I teach is to help people better UNDERSTAND themselves and others and to become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. The goal is not to become a different personality type. It is to learn to MAXIMIZE your STRENGTHS, and MINIMIZE your WEAKNESSES.

Every personality type has both strengths and weaknesses. Today let’s focus on strengths because being positive is more fun. The first step is to IDENTIFY your strengths. If you have ever taken the “long version” test – the Wired That Way Personality Assessment – find it and look it. I love that this tests list the 20 most common strengths for each personality.

Of those 20 traits, which ones wiredthatwaymost sound like you? And more importantly, how can best utilize those natural abilities at home, at work, and at play?

For example, my Yellow side resonates with Inspiring, Promoter, and Talker. My Red side relates to traits like Confident, Resourceful and Leader. In my Toastmasters Club, I serve as the Vice President of Membership. That is the perfect job for me because I get to do things that play to my strengths like recruiting new members, planning special events and heading up the mentoring program.

Our VP of Education is a Blue. This is the perfect job for him because he has to keep track of the progress of 25 members and assign different people to all 14 “roles” that need to be performed at the meeting each week. His Blue Traits like Planner, Detailed, and Chartmaker really shine in that position.

My husband, a Green, recently changed careers and became a high school teacher. The Green strengths of being Adaptable, Controlled, and Balanced come in handy when working with nearly 200 teenagers every day.

Think about your personality’s natural strengths. How are you using them in your personal and professional life?

Do you need more help identifying and understanding the strengths? Take the Wired That Way test if you haven’t already. Also, consider purchasing the color-specific Personalities for Businesimg_20150827_155731537s Workbook. The 43 page workbook is only available by contacting me directly. (The flat rate of $25 includes shipping within the United States.)

Do you have an example of how you utilize your personality’s natural strengths at work or at home? Please share by leaving a comment below!

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