Red Personalities

Reds are what I classify as Task-oriented Extroverts. Extroversion means that they get their energy from being around people, but these extroverts tend to be more task-focused than people-focused. Reds are driven, focused, and active. They tend to be very good at assessing a situation and quickly knowing what needs to be done to get to the end goal. They love their checklists and bullet points, and have a high need and deep appreciation for efficiency.



As with all personalities, many of these great natural strengths can become weaknesses if taken to the extreme. What can start as action-oriented leadership can become bossiness. Sometimes Reds can become so focused on the end result or the immediate action needed that they can forget to stop and consider the feelings and needs of other people.


Remember, there are as many different Red personalities as there are shades of red in the world so not every Red is exactly like the next one. But there are certain qualities that help us identify a Red as a Red. Embrace your unique Redness, while making an effort to focus on embracing your strengths and working to minimize weaknesses.


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