Learning the Color Me SMART personalities approach to "seeing in color" will help you understand yourself better and equip you to build better relationships with every person you interact with in your business. Take a colorful look at your business to discover how personalities affect your Sales, Marketing, Abilities, Relationships, and Teams.

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Looking for small things that you can do each day that will have a huge impact on your business relationships? Creating Connections is your solution. This daily guide will walk you through one simple thing you can do every day that will help you connect more deeply with everyone you meet. From first time connections, to clients, colleagues and your community, you will see a big difference as you focus on one area at a time each week.

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Personalities for Business is the easiest way for business owners, salespeople, and other professionals to understand the different personalities that they interact with and how to best “speak” to each type. Learn how to increase sales, develop a stronger team, and improve networking through an understanding of personality types.

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Personalities for Educators

"Personalities for Educators** was an insightful, engaging read. Anyone, especially teachers, who makes effective communication a priority should make time to read this book. It provides an applicable approach to reaching out to all types of people. But most importantly it emphasizes the acceptance and understanding of others." -Amazon Review

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Certified Personality Trainer Vickie Musni and Gitomer Certified Advisor Mitch Taylor team up to bring you Creating Connections For Event Pros – The Podcast. Both Mitch and Vickie speak internationally and train business owners, sales people and professionals on how to provide personal solutions by understanding people better. Mitch is the author of the popular new book Sales 4 Event Pros and Vickie has written Personalities for Business and Personalities for Educators. Mitch and Vickie are both very passionate about helping you provide personal solutions through understanding people better.

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