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Pokémon Go is more than just a friendly game of catching your favorite fictional creatures in the real world. It has an extremely competitive side that continues to sweep the world off its feet and that involves joining seemingly arbitrary teams.

Once you are strong enough and reach Level 5 in the game, you go to battle a gym and find out that you must join 1 of 3 possible teams. But there’s an important catch: You cannot change your team once you pick one. It is set in virtual stone.

Let’s be honest, we love setting ourselves up into separate teams or factions (i.e. Hogwarts Houses, Hunger Games factions, kids’ table vs adult table at Thanksgiving dinner, etc.) so this decision is extremely important for all of us.

Picking the best team for you is more than picking your favorite color—Red, Yellow, or Blue—because each team has its own personality and reason for competing and catching Pokémon throughout the journey. The differences between the teams are quite similar to their three corresponding personality colors and could help new trainers pick their forever team as this app continues to dominate the iTunes Store.

Pokemon artilcle graphic

Let’s go over the Pokémon Go teams and truly show how well your personality could affect your choice in team.

Team Instinct (Yellow)

Instinct’s Team Leader is Spark, a yellow robed-clad man who pitches his team to you as so: “Pokémon are creatures with excellent intuition. I bet the secret to their intuition is related to how they’re hatched. Come and join my team. You never lose when you trust your instinct!”

As we already know based on numerous polls, Team Instinct has been picked the least amongst the three. That could be for multiple reasons, but this leads those trainers to be the loudest and proudest of their team. Interestingly enough, these generalizations are very true of the Yellow personality. The three major signs of a Yellow are loud, open, and cluttered. Those match up well with one who follows their gut and are loud about their team, even if it doesn’t automatically seem to be the most popular.

Team Mystic (Blue)

Mystic’s Team Leader is Blanche, the most inquisitive of the group. He imparts words of wisdom on members who’d like to join his squad: “The wisdom of Pokémon is immeasurably deep. I’m researching why it is that they evolve. My team? With our calm analysis of every situation, we can’t lose!”

As polar opposites with Yellow personalities, Blues can be described as quiet, closed, and tidy. They think about what they will say before they actually say it. These aspects match so closely to what Blanche has to say about his team so if you are more focused on wisdom, learning, and find yourself to be quieter, join Blanche on your journey!

Team Valor (Red)

Candela, Team Valor’s fiery leader, sells her team with strong conviction: “Pokémon are stronger than humans, and they’re warmhearted, too! I’m researching ways to enhance Pokémon’s natural power in the pursuit of true strength. There’s no doubt that the Pokémon our team have trained are the strongest in battle!”

No doubt, this describes the Red personality with ease. They are known for their distinct body language, energy, and efficiency. Candela would agree that she meets those standards and is ready to energize her team through strength, grit, and power.

Those of you have studied this Personality system before may be wondering about the Greens. There is no Green team in Pokémon Go. Thankfully, Greens are known for being adaptable and being able to fit in with the other personalities. (And it is true that they can often be lazy and are the least likely to want to do the work to organize their own thing, so that’s probably why there is no Green team.)

Now that we see the personalities, take the test for yourself and see if you’re on the right team!


Jon is an account manager for Eliix.Marketing, loves chocolate, and is also the lead rapper in the ever popular fictitious rap group “The White Eared Corn.”

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