Do you sometimes struggle with finding the “right” gift for some of the people on your list? Do you have that person in your life who doesn’t really “need” anything but you still want to find something special and personal to give them this year? Try a new approach to shopping and gift giving – think about the people on your list in terms of their personalities.


Who are the Yellows on your list? When shopping, keep in mind that Yellows love to have fun, and tend to like bold, bling, or sparkle that makes them stand out. With this in mind, think about the specific interests of each person. If you are going to buy her some jewelry, get a sparkly statement piece. Does he wear ties? Choose a fun one by Jerry Garcia. Tickets to a comedy show or a night out of drinks and dancing might be just the right gift for someone who loves to laugh and be out with other people.


How about the Blues in your life? Blues tend to prefer quiet activities that they can do alone. Look for things that will appeal to their need for order and perfection. Is there a new book out by her favorite author? What quiet activities do they enjoy? Working a jigsaw puzzle or building a model perhaps? Personalize a gift like that by ordering a custom photo puzzle or choosing a model kit that is a replica of favorite car or boat. If this is for someone you live with, cleaning up and organizing an area that is currently chaotic, might just be more meaningful than any “thing” you could purchase.


Do you have any Reds on your list? Remember that efficiency and practicality are the primary motivators of the Red personality type. They tend to appreciate gifts that solve problems and make day to day tasks simpler and more efficient. I’m not suggesting you should run out and buy your wife a new vacuum for Christmas, but of all the personalities, Reds are the most likely to appreciate a well planned, practical gift. Where does she work? Is there something you could buy that would support her business endeavors? What kind of tool would he most like to have on hand the next time something needs fixing? This is the time to be really practical.


And what about those Greens? Greens are easy to shop for because they will appreciate whatever you give them. But think about their built-in desire for peace and comfort. How about a warm, cozy blanket and her favorite kind of coffee beans or flavored tea? A night to have dinner ordered IN is sure to be appreciated by a Green. While Yellows want to go out and enjoy being “spoiled” publicly, most Greens would rather stay home, and still enjoy the benefit of someone else doing the cooking.


I hope this gives you a few ideas of things to think about as you finish up your Christmas shopping. Have fun, and be sure to tell me about your favorite personality-based gift ideas!

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