I didn’t start out wanting to be an author. I really wanted to be a speaker. (Finally! A way to get paid for talking!) But I noticed that everywhere I spoke, my message about personalities would resonate with people and many would ask for more. After two years of speaking to business owners and having them say, “This is great stuff! Where can I buy your book?” I finally wrote my book, Personalities for Business.

But then I started presenting to other groups that weren’t business owners. Because I have a background in teaching I started being asked to share this message with teachers, and school counselors and other school staff. And that was the beginning of the new book, Personalities for Educators, which is in the editing stage and due out in June.

My brother Kevin co-wrote Personalities for Educators with me, but because he and I are both Red/Yellow combinations we thought we’d share a draft with a good friend of ours who is a Blue/Green to get her perspective. I gave her a printed draft to read over spring break and asked her to get a red pen and mark it up with comments and questions or suggestions.

Instead, I got back the printed draft with neat little post-it notes affixed to various pages with  her comments. I literally laughed out loud. But better yet, was the text I got before she gave me the printed copy back. It said, “By the way, I just spent a weekend away with my mom and sisters, who are totally yellows with a bit of red. Where did I come from? Anyways, when are you writing the personalities in the family book? I need it!”

I have good news, my friend. Personalities for Families has already been announced and should be available before Christmas!

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