I find it fascinating to think about “everyday situations” and how each personality type has the ability to look at the exact same situation from a different perspective.  Online shopping is a great example because it is a simple thing that most people today do from time to time, regardless of personality type.
What I have noticed about online shopping is that different personalities tend to like it for different reasons. Understanding the motivation behind why a person chooses to shop online, and how they make their online buying decisions, is what we will look at briefly now.

Disclaimer:  Please keep in mind that these are GENERALIZATIONS but they are not true for 100% of the people, AND many people fit into more than one category. That being said, as with most generalizations, these observations are true much of the time.

YELLOWS:  Yellows love fun, excitement, and attention so in general, they are the ones whoL2o enjoy the “adventure” of going shopping, and go with friends whenever possible. The biggest reason that Yellows like to buy online?  They get the “buyer’s high” from shopping TWICE….once when they hit send, and once when the package arrives! What is more fun than getting a package in the mail?

BLUES:  Blues are the deep thinking, analytical type. Being able to compare features, benefits, prices, reviews, ratings, guarantees and more, with limited if any social interaction…online shopping is PERFECT for Blues!

REDS:  A true red values efficiency in any decision making process. To be able to order things “immediately” without having to drive to a store, look up and down different aisles, and waste time waiting in line…again, the perfect option.
GREENS:  Greens are motived by their need for peace and comfort. What could be better than being able to purchase what you need while lying on the couch in your pajamas?

The big idea I want you to take away from this is that the ACTION – buying online – can essentially be the same. The thing that is different for each personality is the MOTIVATION and the THINKING behind the action. That is the part we need to try to understand both about ourselves, and about others who may be different from us.

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