My real passion is people. I love to meet people, talk with people, connect people…I love people. And I love that people come with different personalities. I have four kids of my own – they have the same father, live in the same house, and for most of their lives have shared bedrooms and clothes with each other, and yet they are all so different. My husband and I have very different personalities too – and that makes running a household and a business together very interesting. After many years of observing personality differences, I started to study the personalities. And after years of applying what I had learned to my personal family relationships I started sharing what I had learned with various church and non-profit groups. Soon I realized that if I applied what I knew about personalities to my business, I could increase sales and improve my professional relationships too. And because my passion is people, and I love to talk, I have started sharing what I have learned about personalities for business with others.

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