This is Daisy.

Daisy joined our family Christmas of 2013. She was supposed to be a gift for our kids, and while she does LOVE them, she seems to think she belongs to me. It could be because I feed her the most. Or because I am home with her a lot when the kids are at school. Or, it could be that we’re connected because she is a Yellow like me.

Daisy is very sociable. She loves having fun, being in the middle of the action, and getting lots of attention.

She really doesn’t have much sense of “personal space” and is quick to climb into your lap or put her face really close to yours. When it comes to snuggling, she can’t seem to get close enough.

She is also easily distracted, and gets jealous easily. When I am working in my home office, she is usually right next to me, often napping contentedly. But as soon as the phone rings and I begin to talk to someone else, she can’t take it. Sometimes I have other things I have to do, and the Red side of me gets very frustrated when she wants me to stop and pet her and play ball with her.

At first, some of these traits drove me crazy. Okay, I admit, sometimes they still do. But once I realized that she is just a Yellow who is sometimes misunderstood or under-appreciated, we get a long much better.

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