The response to last week’s “dirty laundry” post was great, so I thought I’d share some more dirt this week. Today’s topic: dirty dishes.

As I mentioned last week, I am a strong Red. (Is there any other kind?) If you would like a definitive answer on the dishwasher issue, the answer is YES. There IS a RIGHT way to load the dishwasher. And the right way is the way that allows the most items to fit, doesn’t waste space, and lets everything come out clean.

Blues are the ones with the reputation for being picky perfectionists, but even as a Red/Yellow I like my dishes to be clean. So if you Greens think you can skip the preliminary rinse, put bowls and measuring cups in so they fill with water, load plates backwards, and block the water flow with giant pans, you are wrong. Period. That’s  inefficient, and gross.

I’ve heard it said that “housework done incorrectly is still a blessing.” I disagree. Don’t do it wrong so the Reds in your life will “fire” you from helping. It really isn’t that much harder to put glasses and dishes in correctly than to put them in wrong. You don’t like the “dishwasher lecture” I give? Then shut up and listen and do it right and I won’t give it anymore.

How do I know I’m right? Besides that I just know…I know because when I load the dishwasher, the dishes come out clean. When I empty it after you do it, I have to re-wash a bunch of stuff. And that is the part that makes Reds frustrated. You wasted your time by not bothering to do it right in the first place, and then you wasted my time because I had to re-do. Not to mention all the dish soap and water that you wasted. You Greens are probably the cause of the drought we’re in.

But thank God we’ve got you by our sides to keep us calm when a real crisis hits.dishwasher wrong

dishwasher right

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