I recently had the pleasure of being the speaker for the Wooster High School Leadership retreat. About 60 kids were in attendance and we spent two hours together talking about personalities and how understanding differences can help them be better students, friends, and leaders in school and in life.


In a similar fashion to my business workshops, I started by introducing the idea that since people are different and we can’t change anyone else, we need to try to understand others better and change the way we try to communicate with them.


The kids then took the on-line personality test and broke up into smaller groups by color to discuss each personality’s natural strengths and weaknesses.

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And no workshop is complete without a little time dedicated to application. For this, I had the students sit in two long rows facing each other so they could talk directly to the person across from them. After each application question one of the rows would scoot over one seat giving them a different “partner” for each question.


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