Did you ever have a teacher that you didn’t like? Or a coach or teammate? What if instead labeling that person as “bad” or “mean” you learned to see them through a different perspective? This was my goal as I was creating a “Seeing in Color” presentation for a younger audience. I wanted to share with them how learning about personalities can help you not only understand but even learn to appreciate differences in the people around us.

National Speakers Association Youth Conference in Dallas, Texas

Last week I spent four fabulous days with other speakers from all over the world. One of the highlights for me was having the opportunity to be a part of the youth program that runs alongside the main conference. My almost 13-year-old son was in the audience, along with almost 100 other young people between the ages of 10 and 18 and their college-age group leaders.

I had the honor of being their opening speaker on Sunday and “seeing in color” became a part of their conversations for the next three days. The kids were engaged, asked great questions, and shared wonderful insights and fresh perspectives on the stories and examples that I shared. Do you know of a school, youth leadership organization, or camp that could benefit from this program? If you know someone who would like to see program results like this, please share this with them.

Influence with NSA Youth Program Chair, Rob Ferre

During breakfast on the last morning several kids took time to share some comments about the presentation.

Here is what other kids had to say:

Vickie’s presentation helped me find a lot about myself and others. It was fun, creative, very interesting, and a fun experience for me and others. I hope she can make it to NSA next year and do this again! – Madison (10) Powell, Ohio

The speech was so good! It was interactive, it was fun, and it really got all of our attention. I loved trying to find out my color and my friends colors. It was such a good presentation for the NSA Youth. – Zach (14) Las Vegas, Nevada

A very colorful experience for the NSA youth! It was a inspiring for all personalities, and would love to hear Vickie again. – Claire (11) Kansas City

The talk was something different or special you could say from all of the other speakers because from a 14 year old kid like me it takes something really interesting to keep me engaged for that long and Vickie did just that I was paying attention the whole time with no effort she was very inspiring at that was very special to me.
– Lucas (14) Knoxville, TN

I loved hearing this Vickie’s presentation early on in my life and week. It really helped me better understand who I am and why I do the things I do. Learning about the different color personalities taught me why I do activities different than others.
– Zoe (14) Dallas, Texas

The talk really opens your eyes about your personality and others, this really helps you discover more about who you are as a person and how you can network better with people. – Theo (16) Wilton, CT

Vickie’s presentation was very engaging and fun for everyone. She was one of my favorite speakers and I am very excited to use her information of the colors to help me understand others. – Abby (15) Springboro, Ohio

I enjoyed Vickie’s presentation because it was enlightening to learn more about yourself and others. – Selma (14) Tustin, CA

This speech was one of my favorites because it gave me the chance to learn more about myself and I can understand more about others. – Josie (13) Wisconsin

I really enjoyed the presentation because it was very interactive and kept me engaged. I got to learn more about myself and how I interact with others. Great presentation! – Alex (14) Wilton, CT

It was an amazing experience for all of us. It was fun and it helped us learn more about my personality, my friends personality, my leaders personality, and my family’s personality. It was a great experience for all of us. – Kinnley (11) Austin, TX

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