Green Personalities

Greens are what I classify as People-oriented Introverts. (Yes, that is a thing!) Introverts get their energy from being alone or with one other “select” person. Greens are relational introverts that tend to be aware of other people. They are friendly, good at taking care of people, and often serve as peacemakers. They have a desire to be comfortable and to make sure other people around them are comfortable. Greens often possess a unique chameleon-like ability that allows them to take on some of the traits of the other personality colors for a short time…and then they will retreat back to their “natural” state. Greens have comfort and peace as a core need.


As with all personalities, many of these great natural strengths can become weaknesses if taken to the extreme. While there is nothing inherently wrong with a desire to be comfortable, when taken to an unhealthy level it can look more like laziness, complacency and/or procrastination. Wanting to keep the peace is fine, but sometimes Greens can be people-pleasers who have trouble standing up for themselves or sharing their own thoughts and ideas.

Remember, Green personalities have different shades just like there are many different greens we can see in our world around us. Embrace your unique Greenness while making an effort to focus on embracing your natural Green strengths and work to overcome any challenges that come with your personality type.

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