Understanding Personalities has impacted every area of my life. Even though when I am asked to give a seminar on a certain focus, once people grasp the concepts I describe they cannot help applying it to other areas of life. I could be giving a business example, and an attendee will comment how that reminds him of his relationship with his wife. I could be teaching a parenting class and someone will share how that explains something about his boss. I even find myself assigning colors to characters in movies I watch and books I read.

Active listening in any form takes practice and effort. But once you start listening for personality clues it will increase your understanding much more quickly. Suddenly differences of opinions or approach make more sense. You will be able to discern sooner which battles to fight, and which issues to let slide. You will develop insights into other people and understand what motivates them and what frustrates them.

I think my favorite part of teaching people personalities is when I see the audience members experience a “light bulb” moment. Something I share will strike a chord with them and in a moment, a long-time conflict shifts into perspective. There is peace and hope in the message. You cannot change anyone but yourself. But it takes an understanding of all parties involved for you to know what changes you need to make.

Where do you most often find yourself thinking in terms of personality type? Home? Work? Other?

Did you have a “light bulb” moment where this concept really clicked for you?

Would you share an example of a real life story where understanding personalities has helped you?

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