Last week I had the privilege of conducting a half-day workshop for the employees of Carollo Engineers Las Vegas office. I spent the months before preparing for this unique setting. Every attendee took the “Wired That Way” personality assessment ahead of time so I could have more information about each one of these and plan a truly customized workshop experience for their team.

It was so great to be able to be a part of the process of helping them understand each other better and practice methods of communicating that will hopefully have a lasting impact on their office. I LOVE teaching people about personalities. And I love seeing how universal these concepts are. It doesn’t really matter what type of group I am speaking to or what industry they are in, there are valuable and applicable truths that can be shared.

My stereotypes of engineers were probably based on the fact that I was raised by one, and two of my brothers have engineering degrees. That being said, I was really impressed by the participation and engagement level of all the participants. I can’t wait to visit another office soon!

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Vickie was able to guide our predominantly Red-Blue group through the different personality colors and give each of us tangible ways to improve our interactions with each other and our valued clients. Vickie’s personality workshop will benefit our group and the clients we serve for years to come.

– Kevin Love, P.E., CCM, Carollo Engineers,Inc.

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