I have a confession to make. I love analyzing people I meet at conferences in terms of their personalities, ESPECIALLY people who are there with a business partner. It’s probably because I work with my husband so I live out this dynamic of opposite personalities in my personal and professional life. I also work very closely – and produce a weekly podcast –  with a friend and colleague who is the same personality combination I am. But this post isn’t about me. I want to tell you about two people I met on my recent trip to Canada.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to speak at the Canadian DJ Show in Toronto. I actually knew most of the other presenters in the education track before but there were two co-presenters doing one seminar together that I hadn’t met before.

Saturday morning I was sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for someone when all of a sudden someone came from across the lobby, pulled up a chair, told me what fabulous boots I was wearing (the red velvet ones, in case you were wondering), and quickly introduced himself, gave me some background information, and told me about some of the people we already knew in common. Barry Kay from Winnipeg…a Red/Yellow. Oh, and with him was his much quieter counterpart, Jordan Zwicker, a Green, from Vancouver. We ended up talking for quite a while before my seminar and then ended up going to dinner with a group that night.

Seeing the Red/Green opposites literally made me laugh out loud several times…sometimes because it reminded me of my relationship with Craig. And sometimes because they were offering up perfect living examples of personality differences without even realizing it. I’d ask Jordan a question, and Barry would finish his answer for him. Yellows don’t mean to interrupt. But it’s hard for us not too…especially when our secondary is Red and the Green is slowing down the pace conversation. After dinner, the Reds wanted to go “do” something, but the Greens in the group didn’t have much to offer in the way of suggestions. In fact, some of the Greens who had been with us had already turned in for the night before we decided to see the tower (because the Yankee in the group wanted to see something touristy). The Red/Yellow perspective: Fun! Let’s go! So what if I’m wearing 4 inch heels…it’s only 6-8 blocks away. The Green: Are we going to take a cab back?

While the Red/Green opposite dynamic was clearly visible, as we hung out I could clearly see the secondary Yellow in both of them. (Again, just like me and my husband.) How could anyone but a Yellow name their seminar “The Sparkle Factor”? The presentation was fun, and well organized. I’m sure most people in the audience saw two friends who are talented and passionate about what they do who found a way to share that message with others. But me, a personality trainer, I saw two opposites who complemented each other well, and bonded over a shared Yellow square. And as a Yellow, I left Toronto with some new friends.

When you work closely with someone else, do you see opposite personalities competing or complementing? If I’m not the only one who notices this in people that I meet, please share a story of when you’ve seen this.

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