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Are you a small business owner desiring to increase productivity, efficiency, retention and sales? I help business owners just like you do exactly that. Understanding personality “colors” will change the way you and your team view each other and others improving communication and relationships both internally with your team and externally with the clients you serve.

I have entertained, educated and inspired audiences of business owners and other professionals all across the United States and Canada, and as far away as Sydney Australia. My seminars and workshops are fun, entertaining and FULL of practical ideas that you can begin to use immediately.

Running business(es) with my opposite-personality husband for the last 20+ years combined with the experience that has come through raising our 4 different-personality kids has provided me a multitude of stories, illustrations and strategies to help my audiences understand how personalities affect communication, productivity, atmosphere and more.

I would love to teach you my 4 color system, but more importantly how to apply this information to improve your business relationships and achieve the results you desire.


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