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An Interview By Staci Nichols

Staci Nichols and I met at a DJ conference several years ago and have been roommates for other trainings since then. She writes regularly for Book More Brides and I was honored to be interviewed for one of her articles. The interview was first published here and here it is again for you: Sales Tips…

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Online Shopping & Personalities

I find it fascinating to think about “everyday situations” and how each personality type has the ability to look at the exact same situation from a different perspective.  Online shopping is a great example because it is a simple thing that most people today do from time to time, regardless of personality type. What I…

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Why Personalities?

Have you ever found yourself asking one of these questions? (To yourself or maybe even to me?) Why study personalities? Isn’t this just another way of stereotyping people? If people are “unique” why try to label them? How would this really help me? Great questions. Obviously I am passionate about understanding personality types or I wouldn’t…

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Q & A – What Personality Types Work Best Together?

I am often asked by business owners and other professionals questions about which personality types work best together. Which personality type should I look for when tackling a new project? Which type should I look for in a business partner? And even, which personality type would make the best leader for my team/group/organization? And I…

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Q&A: Does personality change with age?

Thank you to Tony Winyard from London (UK, not Ontario, Canada) for asking this question on facebook! The short answer is people often (usually…hopefully?) change with age but generally speaking, their personalities stay basically the same. Ideally, however, as people mature two things happen. The first is that people who truly grow up as they…

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