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Personalities for Educators

Helping Youth Learn about Personality Colors

Did you ever have a teacher that you didn’t like? Or a coach or teammate? What if instead labeling that person as “bad” or “mean” you learned to see them through a different perspective? This was my goal as I was creating a “Seeing in Color” presentation for a younger audience. I wanted to share…

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Know Yourself…and Know Your Audience

The first time I attended a 3 day training for professional public speakers, I didn’t know that I was going to be spending those 3 days with fabulous speakers who were also personality experts. But looking back, it makes so much sense. As a speaker, I have a message that I want to share with…

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Personalities are Everywhere!

I didn’t start out wanting to be an author. I really wanted to be a speaker. (Finally! A way to get paid for talking!) But I noticed that everywhere I spoke, my message about personalities would resonate with people and many would ask for more. After two years of speaking to business owners and having…

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