Vickie takes a selfie with Craig while confined to the house during the current crisisWe are in unprecedented and strange times…I’ve been watching the reactions of different personalities in this crisis. Now more than ever we need to shift our thinking to OTHER people. We must remember that not everyone thinks like we do or responds to challenging circumstances the way we do.

If you’ve ever heard me speak or have read anything else I’ve written, you already know that my husband and I are very much opposites. He is predominantly Green. I am Red/Yellow. As we respond to the uncertainties around us SO differently, I am reminded how important it is to see this current world situation through the lens of personalities as we try to help one another.

What are the top needs for the personalities in a crisis?

Some Greens seem to be taking this all in stride. Being confined to the comfort of home is a dream for many of them. Some are also concerned for loved ones or the uncertainties that they are feeling because of being out of work. Comfort them. Remind them that you care.

While Blues may also be enjoying a bit of a reprieve from interacting with people, many of them also see the details in an unsettling way. Pessimist by nature, many fear the worst. Being naturally good with details means they know exactly when the money is going to run out…or the toilet paper. Help them by going through the details. If making a spreadsheet of resources is what they need to feel better, make it with them. If they want to call a family meeting to discuss emergency plans, get on board right away. Join them in the process.

Reds want and need to be in control. Having so many things outside of our control is particularly unsettling. Be patient with us when we lose our tempers. Help us find projects to do so we can still feel useful and busy.

Isolation is one of the worst possible scenarios a Yellow can imagine. Everyone is struggling right now…but your Yellow friends might be feeling things at a whole deeper level. Call them. Check on them. Don’t let them feel alone. Only a few days in and many of us are already feeling the downward spiral.

You know that people are different. The needs of the different personalities are magnified in a time of crisis. Be sensitive to those in your circle of influence, and use this knowledge for good.