Blue Personalities

Blues are what I classify as Task-oriented introverts. Introversion means getting energy from being alone, and Blues naturally tend to focus on tasks or lists of things to be working on. Blues are usually deep thinkers who are great with details, organization, and understanding how lots of different pieces can fit together to make a well defined, finely-crafted, thoroughly thought-through whole. Blues are usually good at thinking before they speak, considering multiple angles on an issue, asking great questions, and working well on their own. Blues have a built-in need for order and perfection.


As with all personalities, many of these great natural strengths can become weaknesses if taken to the extreme. The ability to question and consider various details can lead some Blues to overthink issues and sometimes to stall progress because there is always “one more thing” to consider. Working well independently is a good thing, until you need to work with a team and have a hard time. Having high standards is fine, until your need for perfection goes too far and nothing you or anyone else does is good enough.

Remember, Blue personalities have different shades just like there are many different blues we can see in our world around us. Embrace your unique Blueness while making an effort to focus on embracing your natural Blue strengths and work to overcome any challenges that come with your personality type.

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