“Back to School” has always been a busy season for me. I have been a student, a teacher, or a parent for as long as I can remember.  As a parent, the start of the new school means new backpacks, school supplies, and the end of long, lazy summer nights. As a business owner, this is the time for me to evaluate my systems and schedules, and assessing various aspects of my business. Do I have more homework that I need to be doing? Do I need to sign up for an extra class this fall or maybe pursue some private “tutoring” to help me grow in certain areas?

My primary fall semester education for my wedding business, EAC Video & Entertainment, includes two conferences in Las Vegas. Last week, I was there for The Las Vegas DJ Show, and next week I will be attending Wedding MBA. Even though I did have one “teacher” role in giving a seminar at last week’s show, I take every opportunity to be a student. I attended a workshop where I received coaching and a personalized performance critique. I went to seminars on business, interactive performances, sales, communication, music and more. I took LOTS of notes. And over the next few months while my kids are working on their homework, I will be working to apply what I learned to grow my business and serve my clients even better.

What does “Back to School” mean for you and your business? What are you doing to continue to learn and grow personally and professionally? If you don’t have an opportunity to attend a live conference this fall, I encourage you to take an on-line course, invest in a video training series, or find a podcast that inspires and educates. Do SOMETHING to keep learning!

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