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Caring for Different Personalities in a Crisis

We are in unprecedented and strange times…I’ve been watching the reactions of different personalities in this crisis. Now more than ever we need to shift our thinking to OTHER people. We must remember that not everyone thinks like we do or responds to challenging circumstances the way we do. If you’ve ever heard me speak…

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Is Your Personality an Introvert or an Extrovert?

Yellows and Reds are extroverts. Greens and Blues are introverts. Yellows and Greens are people-oriented. Reds and Blues are task-oriented.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? And what does that really mean? What is the difference between an introvert and an extrovert? And which personality colors are which? Red and Yellow are the Extroverted personalities, and Blue and Green are the Introverted personalities. Remember, the intro/extroversion spectrum is a question of energy. Reds and…

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Bringing Personalities Down Under at Beat Mix Australia

Beat Mix Australia 2019 Group photo

I recently returned home from my second trip to Australia for a conference put on by the DJAA. This year Beat Mix Australia took place on the beautiful Gold Coast. The DJAA is a fabulous organization comprised of the most professional DJs and MCs from all over Australia and New Zealand. This year they teamed…

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A New Challenge for This Yellow-Red Personality

Midwest Djs Live 2019 group photo of all attendees

Speaking on Something OTHER THAN Personalities & Serving as Co-MC at Midwest DJs Live Challenges are good. Challenges are opportunities for growth.Challenges can be a lot of fun. I spoke at the Midwest DJs Live conference two years in a row, and later was recruited to join the board. In my second year helping produce…

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Helping Youth Learn about Personality Colors

Did you ever have a teacher that you didn’t like? Or a coach or teammate? What if instead labeling that person as “bad” or “mean” you learned to see them through a different perspective? This was my goal as I was creating a “Seeing in Color” presentation for a younger audience. I wanted to share…

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Skip the Chocolate and Flowers

Nothing says “I forgot about Valentine’s Day” better than boxed chocolates and a grocery store flower bouquet. Wouldn’t you rather give your special someone something, well…special? Use what you know about his or her personality to help you come up with a thoughtful, personalized gift for Valentine’s Day. Gifts don’t always have to be something…

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On the Air! Radio Interview with Host Mari Frank

Recently I was interviewed on the show “Fighting for Love” by Radio Host, Mari Frank. Surviving conflict is the theme of her show and understanding personalities is really helpful for dealing with, or better yet, trying to avoid conflict. Listen to the full interview here!     For more information about Mari Frank click here and for…

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The Perfect Suitcase

My brother-in-law is a kind and generous man who over the years has given many wonderful gifts to our family. Last year around this time he contacted my husband as he was preparing to shop for my Christmas gift. Knowing that I travel regularly, he decided he wanted to buy me some new luggage. Being…

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What DOES a Certified Personality Trainer Do?

Many people ask what exactly a Certified Personality Trainer does. I help people understand our differences and learn how to use that knowledge to become better communicators and improve business and personal relationships. To get a glimpse into some of the ways I do that here are some of my highlights from 2016:

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An Interview By Staci Nichols

Staci Nichols and I met at a DJ conference several years ago and have been roommates for other trainings since then. She writes regularly for Book More Brides and I was honored to be interviewed for one of her articles. The interview was first published here and here it is again for you: Sales Tips…

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