Are you an introvert or an extrovert? And what does that really mean?

What is the difference between an introvert and an extrovert? And which personality colors are which? Red and Yellow are the Extroverted personalities, and Blue and Green are the Introverted personalities. Remember, the intro/extroversion spectrum is a question of energy. Reds and Yellows tend to gain more energy from being around other people, and will start to lose energy with more alone time. Blues and Greens experience a drain in energy from being around people, especially larger groups of people. They recharge by being alone, or sometimes with one select other person.

However…not all extroverts are created equal. And the same is true for introverts! While the top and bottom of the Personality Color chart reflect extroversion and introversion, the sides are different too. Yellows and Greens are what I call “people-oriented” and Reds and Blues are considered “task-oriented” personalities.

This does not mean that Yellows and Greens can’t accomplish tasks. Nor does it mean that Reds and Blues hate people. It does mean that the way they tend to look at the world is a little different. A “good day” to a Red or Blue is often measured by how much was accomplished. Were all of the things checked off the to-do list? A “good day” to a Yellow or Green is often measured by the people they spent time with and the conversations that took place. Neither is right or wrong, good or bad, better or best…just different.

Why does this matter?

The more you understand about introverts and extroverts the more strategic you can be when it comes to monitoring energy levels. First, recognizing yourself on this chart can help you be the best version of yourself. Do you need more alone time, especially after being around people for long periods of time? Or do you need to create more opportunities to engage with other people?

I am a Yellow-Red personality who works from home when I’m not out at events. As an extrovert I receive my energy from others and feel more drained with too much alone time. I schedule video chats with colleagues regularly and attend Toastmasters club meetings three times a week to make sure I keep my energy level up.

Once you learn how to see the personality types of the people around you, you can also learn to gauge what others need to keep their energy level where it needs to be. This is helpful whether you are leading a team of employees, trying to create the best possible customer experience, or simply keep the people in your own home pleasant to be around.

Where do you fit? What color introvert or extrovert are you? How do you see your unique shade or color blend playing out in your life and business?

Not sure where you fit? Start by taking this short quiz or reading about the basics of the four color personalities.