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Let's See the World In Full Color!

Are you a business owner? Do you struggle with office efficiency and delegation? Are you striving to improve your communication with your customers and your team? Do you want to stand out from your competitors and dazzle with your customer service? The answer is color.

Humans aren't black and white. We aren't even shades of grey. Our personalities shine in bright colors. By understanding and embracing the differences in our personalities, we can build more meaningful relationships and drive success.


Seeing your business in color can help you:

  • Focus your marketing to attract the clients you want
  • Convert more sales
  • Connect sooner and serve better
  • Give more personalized communication
  • Have a clearer understanding of individual client needs
  • Manage competing requirements from multiple clients
  • Collaborate better with your team and other wedding professionals
  • Build your referral network
  • Identify (and fill in) gaps in your own business
  • Create a more efficient, more enjoyable and more profitable business

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Vickie Musni, Certified Personality Trainer

  • Certified Personality Trainer
  • Author of Personalities for Business, Personalities for Educators, Creating Connections, and Color Me SMART
  • Member of the National Speakers Association
  • Allied Member of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association
  • Over 20 years of business and event experience
  • Co-host of weekly podcast Creating Connections for over 3 years
  • Contributing Writer to MomSense (MOPS International), WedLock, DJ Pulse (Canada), Mobile Beat and the Disc Jockey News

About Me

In 1996, my husband, Craig, and I began our journey as entrepreneurs. Like so many other small business owners, we had to figure it out as we went along. This often meant for every leap forward, there was a stumble backwards. But when I learned about the power of personalities, EVERYTHING changed. I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, experiencing the world for the first time in vivid color.

Since then, I've traveled the globe, teaching wedding professionals like you how to revolutionize their businesses by increasing sales and improving relationships with clients, employees and colleagues.

With more than two decades' experience in an emotion-filled business space, I have a deep understanding of its unique challenges. Through identifying personality strengths and blind spots, I've helped hundreds of businesses turn empathy into a superpower to overcome these common obstacles.

I can't wait to share the power of personalities with you, too.

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