Some people shudder at the thought of being in Las Vegas for a whole week. I admit that I wouldn’t want to live there, but spending a week there for an industry show is one of my favorite things I get to do. I can’t even call it a “business trip” with a straight face. But that’s because I am a Yellow/Red.

The Yellow side of me loves the fun that comes with seeing so many industry friends and colleagues from all over the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. I love that there are breakfast meetings and group lunches and dinners and outings and parties. The energy of the show and the people fills me up. And the Red side of me gets excited about attending the seminars, taking notes, learning new things….things that will grow my business faster and keep us moving forward.

I smiled when I saw some of my non-Yellow/Red friends. Take my roommate for example. I would go up to the room to change clothes or shoes before rushing out again, and I’d find her there recharging. She is very friendly and fun, but in true Green fashion, she needs more quiet and alone time than I do. Another Green friend accepted an invitation to lunch (because it seemed like the right thing to do) but then texted later that “he wasn’t feel social” and would not be joining the rest of us. I am so thankful that we all speak “color” and no one took offense at any of these situations. Understanding what your personality wants and needs is just as important as understanding those around you.

Being a personality trainer does do strange things to the brain and often I seem to experience EVERYTHING in terms of personality color. This  last week in particular I found myself analyzing the presenters in terms of their colors. The show opened with a fantastic Red/Yellow intro – music, video, lights – the works. Then the first speaker was a Blue. He had good information, but the energy shift was significant. One of my favorite speakers is a strong, strong Red. I am fascinated by his ability to stay so high energy throughout a two hour seminar. But one of my Yellow/Green friends said that while he liked the message, his presentation style was “too much” for him.

How do you see personality differences affect the way you learn, travel and socialize?

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