I love to talk. I always have. But I love it even more when I am speaking to share a message. This was the case yesterday…twice!

In the morning, I presented my Personalities & Networking seminar to an organization called ProNet. ProNet is a professional network to assist the currently unemployed to re-enter the work force. It is really cool to see people so dedicated to improving themselves and learning new skills. It was a fun presentation and the audience response was great. Understanding personalities is a powerful business tool, in both current and future business relationships. (And it may even help you understand some past ones…)

Last night, was my Sierra Advanced Speakers Toastmasters Club Christmas meeting/party. We still had prepared speeches, formal evaluations, and table topics but we also added in a potluck dinner and a gift exchange. Since the Tale of the Three Trees is my favorite story, and I happen to working through an advanced manual on storytelling I signed up months ago to speak at this meeting. I hope that the story I shared stays with the members of the audience throughout this Christmas season and beyond.

Merry Christmas!

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