The Weddings of the West spring conference is my favorite local event that I host each year, and this week’s conference really raised the bar!

Scott Faver, The Game Master, captivated the audience from the moment he skated through the door. Jaws dropped as he skated around the room and called EVERY person by name – all but about 5 he had just met at breakfast.

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His Keynote presentation was engaging, informative, and entertaining and was the perfect way to start our conference.

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Next, Jill Tolles, a commutation professor from UNR walked the audience through a very specific process to help us be better prepared to “make our point” when networking, meeting with clients, or any other presentations we may need to give.


Right before lunch I presented a short version of my the Personalities and Sales seminar that included “A Tale of 4 Shoppers” where we talked about how to use the same process that Jill taught us but with different words and stories that would “speak” better to the uniqueness of each client.

After lunch, we heard from Gitomer Certified Advisor Mitch Taylor as he presented the concept of ROAR – Risk, Opportunity, Action and Reward – and how we can apply that concept to different facets of our business.

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Our final session included three fabulous presenters from Markubiz. Devin, Charles & Garrett each did a short presentation showcasing their areas of expertise and giving the audience LOTS of great information, tips and things to think about in regard to their web site, social media presence and more. Then they answered specific questions from the audience in a panel format.

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It was a fabulous day. My thanks to the amazing Sharon Slater and her staff at Boomtown – everything was beautiful and delicious! Thank you Karen of Image Angels Photography for taking pictures for us. (You can tell which ones she took and which ones were taken on a phone…) Thank you to my amazing husband for filming the whole day for us. Thank you to Scott and  Mitch for flying in to share their passion and experience with our group. Thank you to attendees who came from all over Northern Nevada and Northern California, and to Larry White who joined us from Anchorage, Alaska for this day or learning and growing.

I can’t wait to do this again next year!

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