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Archive for August 2015

Know Yourself…and Know Your Audience

The first time I attended a 3 day training for professional public speakers, I didn’t know that I was going to be spending those 3 days with fabulous speakers who were also personality experts. But looking back, it makes so much sense. As a speaker, I have a message that I want to share with…

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Q & A – What Personality Types Work Best Together?

I am often asked by business owners and other professionals questions about which personality types work best together. Which personality type should I look for when tackling a new project? Which type should I look for in a business partner? And even, which personality type would make the best leader for my team/group/organization? And I…

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Engineers Have Personalities Too!

Last week I had the privilege of conducting a half-day workshop for the employees of Carollo Engineers Las Vegas office. I spent the months before preparing for this unique setting. Every attendee took the “Wired That Way” personality assessment ahead of time so I could have more information about each one of these and plan…

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