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Archive for July 2015

Social Media Thoughts Part 2: ASS

I received quite a bit of feedback on last week’s post Social Media & TITS. So once again, I went to my brilliant husband for advice on where to go next. He smiled and winked and said, “There is really only one logical follow up after a post about TITS.” Here is my next social…

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Social Media and TITS

I feel I ought to begin this post by saying that I spent two weeks debating whether or not I should write it. Finally, after seeking counsel, I am taking me husband’s advice. He wisely said, “You should write the post, just don’t include a selfie.” Honestly, the self-talk that I had going on in…

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Do More Than "Survive" Your Next Conference

I LOVE attending conferences. Even when I’m there to speak, I always attend as much as I can before or after my own seminar or workshop. I have some conferences that I attend even when I am not presenting. I go because I love to learn, to network, and to catch up with my industry…

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My Dog is a Yellow (Lab)

This is Daisy. Daisy joined our family Christmas of 2013. She was supposed to be a gift for our kids, and while she does LOVE them, she seems to think she belongs to me. It could be because I feed her the most. Or because I am home with her a lot when the kids…

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