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Archive for February 2015

Let's Get Personal: Dealing with Grief

My father-in-law passed away this week. My husband and I cried together when we first heard the news about it his dad. But over the next 24 hours I found myself realizing how differently he and I grieve. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to process, and will probably blog about this topic…

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What is Your Passion?

To some people, I am sure I appeared scattered. Many probably wonder how – and why – I juggle owning and operating three seemingly unrelated businesses. But there is a common thread in all that I do – it’s connections. I love people and personalities. So I am naturally drawn to things that connect people.…

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"Getting it" Changes Everything

Understanding Personalities has impacted every area of my life. Even though when I am asked to give a seminar on a certain focus, once people grasp the concepts I describe they cannot help applying it to other areas of life. I could be giving a business example, and an attendee will comment how that reminds…

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