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Archive for January 2015

Let's Get Personal: The Struggles of a Self-Employed Yellow/Red

Reds value efficiency and productivity. Yellows are often scattered, disorganized, distracted. Although this is often a very fun personality type to be – I travel, meet lots of people, do a variety of activities each day all in the name of “work – it can also be frustrating. I wish I had some natural Blue…

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Let's Get Personal: Dirty Dishes

The response to last week’s “dirty laundry” post was great, so I thought I’d share some more dirt this week. Today’s topic: dirty dishes. As I mentioned last week, I am a strong Red. (Is there any other kind?) If you would like a definitive answer on the dishwasher issue, the answer is YES. There…

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Let's Get Personal: Dirty Laundry

Most of my posts are related to personalities in various business settings. Over the holidays I posted a few things about dealing with extended family and things like that, but I think for the next month or so I am going to get really personal.  Today’s topic….dirty laundry. As long as I can remember, being in…

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