Strengths and Weaknesses – Part 2 Minimizing Your Weaknesses

Every personality type has some natural weaknesses. (Yes, EVERY one.) We need to be mature enough to be honest with ourselves about the areas in our lives that can be or have become weaknesses. strengthsandweaknesses

Hopefully, you have enough self-awareness to zero in on these areas, but if you are having trouble, find someone who you really trust and have them go over the list of common weaknesses for your color(s) with you. If they have lived with you or worked with you, and are honest with you, chances are good they will be able to show you some areas where you could grow.

Often our weaknesses are a result of strengths that are carried to the extreme and then become weaknesses. For example, in Yellows being able to talk easily and tell stories can turn into dominating conversations and not paying attention to other people. The Red’s natural leadership abilities when not kept in check can become bossy, argumentative and confrontational. Blues are known for their attention to detail, but perfectionism taken too far can mean being hard to please and critical of others and their efforts. The cool, calm, collected nature of the Green personality can lead to indecisiveness and/or laziness if it goes too far.

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Anyone who has talked with me for any length of time, has probably figured out that I am a big believer in studying personality types, and using that “filter” to examine all kinds of relationships. However, because there are so many systems out there, and so many different ways to identify various traits and temperaments, it is important to make sure we are all “speaking” the same language.

My study and training has centered around the Wired That Way profile analysis and books and conferences by Florence and Marita Littauer. They use a modern adjective paired with a Greek term for each personality. When I speak, I simplify it one step further and refer to each type simply by its color. Be watching for upcoming posts highlighting the primary traits for Yellow, Blue, Red and Green personalities!

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